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Availability of a huge number of web directories, various types of web directories, niches and conditions of submission forces thousands of webmaster in all over the world to check a lot of web directories lists to find proper web directories. Today, thanks to our efforts, searching for quality web directories become much more easier. is one of the most popular websites dedicated to directories. We represent to your attention best directories lists: Free directories, Paid directories, Article directories, Blog DIrectories and many others niche directories lists what you can find in section Directory of Directories. have identified TOP 10 directories for different types of directories. These lists of best directories were created by the following criterias:
  - public opinion, authority and popularity of directory;
  - quality of moderation, correspondence of registered sites with choosen categories;
  - SEO statistics;
  - age of directory and its history;
  - domain name and a whole site's evaluation.

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Web Directories - How it Works

Firstly let's try to understand what do people want from their websites? Undoubtedly it's a lot of new visitors, subscriptions to website news, phone calls from visitors and finally purchases on a website. Even if website isn't commercial - the most important for this website is a traffic. Whatever websites we consider, in the basis of any successful website is always targeted traffic. Web directories, and we will keep in mind exactly popular web directories - is an effective way to improve targeted traffic and popularity of your website. Let the dozens of high-quality directories to talk about your business and many new visitors interested in your products your services will come to your website. recommend to pay attention to TOP free directories list and TOP paid directories list placed on this page. These directories are one of the most authoritative and the most visited directories on the web. By adding your website to them you will get traffic directly from listings; from search engines that favorably respond to listings in SEO friendly directories; from other less popular directories and search portals that use a databases of authoritative directories.

How to Correctly Submit Website in Directories?

In order to make submission to directories successful and the most important useful for your website follow the simple rules:

1. The quantity isn't important
Do not submit your website to thousands of web directories. Remember, in the case of directories quality is much more important than quantity. Submit to popular human edited directories having high PR and with domain name age dated not yesterday. Avoid all newly created web directories, many of which will stop to exist after half of a year / a year. Remember, search engines have a negative attitude to links from low-quality resources, and it applies to low-quality directories. You can use our list of quality free directories.

2. Unique descriptions and titles
Use unique descriptions for submission to directories. Ideally, for each directory - its own description. It's important to create not a promotional description but description telling about your company - website. Don't specify phone numbers, emails, website URLs in description. Titles also should be different, but first of all it have to contain official name of company/brand. It's strictly do not recommend to use as titles: keywords by which you promote your website in search engines. Imagine that your listing will be read by real people - unlikely they will take seriously such spam content.

3. How often to submit your website
If the project is a startup - submit your website to several directories per day. Over time you can increase this number up to hundred per day but don't forget the paragraph #1. If you don't have opportunity to submit your website by yourself you can use our service of manual submission to directories. Our experts will manually submit your website to 100 directories per day for 10 days. Details about the service are available here.

How to Get Listed in DMOZ

All webmasters want to add websites to DMOZ directory, or almost all. We won't tell you why it's so important, you can read about it here. It's worth to note that DMOZ isn't commercial directory and it's unreal to get guaranteed listing in DMOZ. Until recently webmasters submit websites to DMOZ by themselves and then month-by-month (sometimes years) checked for their presence because DMOZ do not notify about successful (or failed) submission. Today simplified the task for those who want to get into DMOZ. Our new DMOZ Submission Service contains two services - writing of descriptions with following submission website to DMOZ and regularly checking of website's presence in DMOZ. Once a site appears in DMOZ - a website owners finds out about this first. Read more about the service here.

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