Quality web directories - what are they?

10 Attributes of Quality
Web Directories

This info will be usefull for webmasters who are looking for qualitative directories as well for ones who are going to develop new directories.
What should be useful for Web sites directory? What web directory can be called a qualitative directory?

Every year amount of directories in the Internet only increases, but unfortunately the quality of many directories leaves much to be desired. But not all of directories are worthy for attention as qualitative directories that are useful for SEO promotion. The fact is that majority of directories, especially free directories, are available for a limited period of time, and then either stop to be moderated or other sites are developed on their domain name. The owners of such directories do not think about qualitative listings and real benefit for submitted websites. Sometimes good looking directories with high attendance and SEO parameters - in fact are not a high-quality directories. As it turns out later - such directories do not make direct links - only nofollow; their deep pages are not indexed by search engines; free submission - is conditional and very rare for a randomly chosen sites, and much more. Indisputable, such directories are not worthy of your time and we do not recommend to submit your websites to them.

Thus the directory can be attributed to qualitative and SEO-useful if it has the following attributes:

1. Is human-edition directory.
2. Have direct backlinks.
3. Have up to 15 listings per one page. Ideally it's 10.
4. Limited nesting depth - up to 3 sub categories in depth.
5. Have a separate page for each listing.
6. Have section of Lates Links containing 5-10 latest listing.
7. Have high PR of main page and pages of categories.
8. Have well indexed by search engines inner pages including pages of deep sub categories and pages of listings.
9. Have good attendance. As a rule high visited directories have small Alexa rank. The smaller Alexa rank the more visited website.
10. Have detailed Site Map.

Big plus for paid directories will be:

1. The presence of deep links.
2. The presence of Permanent (Life Time, Unlimited) listings.
3. The presence of the voting system and ratings for sites.
4. Opportunity to edit descriptions of sites.
5. Ability of a refund the payment if the site has not been accepted to directory.
6. The presence of updated blog.
7. The presence of section - Articles.
8. The presence of RSS feeds.