Directory Submission Service - FAQ



1. Why do I need to submit your website in directories? Can I do it by myself? The submission in SEO directories is the important stage in website promotion. The use of directories allows getting a huge amount of back-links with minimal expenditure. More to it, when these directories are indexed in search engines the position of the website becomes higher in Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. This is why using of submission services is the most optimal SEO solution in relation to Price Result. This is the most important for the newly created websites and also for the websites that are being promoted in search engines and want to improve their positions in SERP by specific requests.

For excellent results it is better to submit your website into directories every year. You can submit your website in free directories independently. To do this you can use our free directories list. If you value your time or you simply do not have any, we can submit your websites in the directories. During 10 days we will submit your website in the list of most popular and friendly free directories.

The total quantity of free directories is 1000. The cost of our submission service is $95.
See also Expected Results.

2. What kind of web directories are the most useful for submission? The most useful directories have:

  • Moderation by a human
  • They are absolutely free and not reciprocal
  • They have high Google PR (it means that many other websites have links to this directory and what is most important is that the pages of the web directory are good in indexing by the search engines).
  • They have high Alexa Statistics activity (it means the website has a high level of attendance).
  • Direct (not redirect) links
  • Availability of the directory in DMOZ

More detailed about this you could find in article 10 attributes of quality web directories on our website.

3. Why doesn't the quantity of letters that come after submission correspond to the quantity of the directories in which the website has been submitted? Not every directory sends letters to the submitted website. Some of the directory scripts support this function, others don't.

4. Why are there niche directories in the list of Great Directories, except for the general directories, even though they are not often used for submission purposes? Backlinks from directories with the same topic as your website is the most important for search engines. Niche Directories are ones of the most useful directories with the condition corresponding to the directory subject and the subject of the submitted website.

5. How soon will my website be added by the directories? Most of the free directories add their websites in the 2 weeks after the request submission. Some do it in several days. It is a rare thing when site listing takes as long as 2 months.

6. The terms of the website submission in the directories is 10 days. Will the speed of submission cause harm to my website? The term when the website is added to the directories is different throughout the directories. Also, you have to understand that once the website is added to the directories, it does not mean that is has been indexed at the same time with all the search engines. The website can not accept links from all the directories at the same time. This is why it will not cause harm to your website.

7. Why can't you guarantee that the website has been submitted to all the directories? Great Directories can guarantee the best ever web directories selection over the Internet, but this does not mean that we can guarantee that your website will benefit most after the website has been submitted into directories from our lists. It depends mostly on the website content, and the view point of each moderator in each directory. Also, this will depend upon the literacy of the website descriptions and many other factors.

8. Is it possible to see a full list of great directories? The complete list of directories can not be seen, we do not give this information to anyone. This is the most important element in GD Submission Service. You can see the top directories list on the Free Directories page. These directories marked by GD Submission Service .

9. Why is it when filling in the form for your service you suggest entering several descriptions, anchors for the website? This is not compulsory. This is one of the advantages of our submission service. It is believed that having a wide variety of different descriptions for the website will give you a better SEO results.

10. What is the correct way to create a Title (ancor) for my website? Use several simple rules:

  • Title should correspond to the subject of your website.
  • Title should have 2 4 words.
  • Title should be used many times throughout the Home page text of your website. But this should not be more than 8% of the total number of words used.
  • Title should be a popular word phrase that is often used as a key word in the search engines.
  • It should be the most relevant key word of those that correspond to your website.

11. What is the correct way to make up keywords for my website?

  • All the keywords should correspond to the subject of your website.
  • Each keyword should be listed in the content at least one time throughout the website.
  • All the keywords should be popular requests for the search engines.

12. What is the correct way to create descriptions for my website?

  • Descriptions should correspond to the subject of your website but they should not be part of the text used on the pages of your site.
  • Descriptions should contain keywords that correspond to your website.
  • Descriptions should give the gist of the content but not simply be a phrase or a group of words.
  • Descriptions should clearly explain what the website is about; they should contain the general information of the website in several sentences.

13. How will I see the process and the results of my website submission in directories? We will register a new gmail account for your website, we will check it and confirm all the incoming emails from directories. You will not have to do this routine job. This is indeed comfortable for you because we will answer all emails that come after each website submission. As soon as we start submitting your website we will send you the gmail details: Login and Password. So, as you can see one more advantage of our directory submission service is confirm all the emails coming to.

14. Does it make sense to submit a website in the directories with PR0? Will I benefit?

It will be useful with the condition that you will have many directories with PR0. It does make sense to submit your website in the directories with PR0 because in the future it may have a higher PR score than it is now. The same is true of the Alexa Statistics and attendance policy of the directories.

15. How do I begin submission of my website with your services? How do I pay for it? You should carefully fill out the order form with a description of your site on page Submission Service. After submitting your site's description you will see window with a proposal to pay for the service through PayPal. Submission of your site into directories will begin within 24 hours after payment for the services. You will receive a letter with notification and passwords for alternative e-mail adress created for your website.

16. How soon will my site appear in DMOZ? From 2 weeks to several years. The average term of approval - up to 6 months.

17. Do you provide guarantees that my website will appear in DMOZ? No. There are no guarantees that your website will be approved by DMOZ editors.

18. What are the chances that my site will be accepted in DMOZ? If you use our DMOZ submission service and your site meets DMOZ requirements - the chances are quite high. But again, DMOZ editors have their personal opinion and we can not say for sure will they like your site or not.

19. I've submitted my website to DMOZ before - can I use your service and add website to DMOZ once more? If you submitted your website a year ago or more - it makes sense to re-submit it to DMOZ using our service. If it was recently then we recommend you to wait with re-submission.

20. Can I use your service for submission my website to DMOZ if it's not on English? No. Our experts work only with sites in English.

21. If my website won't appear in DMOZ will you give me back my money spent on the service? No. We do not return money for the work we've done.

22. My website is already in DMOZ - are there any other free directories similar to DMOZ? There are no other directories equal to DMOZ. But there are also other popular directories with high traffic that might be useful for your website:
Free directories, Paid directories.




I have ordered a website and in a week i have received more than a thousand letters. Almost all of the directories are general. All the other directories are free web directories, not reciprocal which is good. As they promised, the submission of directories took exactly 5 days. More to it, after the registration i have received a lot more letters... I am happy with the service and I think this will be good for the SEO of my website. Sandy,

Your service has been efficient and affordable, and you have provided me with solid feedback on the submission process! Emile Du Toit,

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It is really cool submission service and very helpful staff, ready to answer any questions what I had. It saved us a lot of time. Great value for money! I can recommend this kind of service. Hopefully, traffic will raise to heaven. Jeansay Brown,

Excellent free directories!! I should tell you this is the best list of free web directories i have ever seen! Already have received a lot of letters and they are still coming even though submission have been completed for a few days ago. I am excited about the result - you have my word, guys!!! Don't miss this chance... Cheers! Big Ed,

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