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If you came to this page then you're interested in submission of your website to DMOZ. Undoubtedly DMOZ directory or Open Directory Project is the biggest and the most popular directory containing more than 750.000 categories with over 5M websites. Many search engines use Dmoz data base and presence website in DMOZ can significantly increase the ranking of a site in Google, Alexa, Yahoo, Ask and other search engines. All this accordingly favorable effect on the popularity and credibility of sites listed in DMOZ. But process of adding may take many months or even years or there won't be any result at all. In order to simplify getting into DMOZ we offer our DMOZ Submission Service - 2 in 1, and our recommendations. offers service of submission websites into DMOZ directory which includes two services - direct site submission to DMOZ and monitoring of availability of listing in DMOZ. Here are details how it works:

1. We create Title and Description for your website accordingly to DMOZ rules. Then submit these details to DMOZ, to the most appropriate for your website category. Category will be selected considering categories with your competitors' sites or sites with similar content. This significantly increases the chances of adding your site to DMOZ.

2. After we sent request for submission your website to DMOZ we start regularly check its appearance in DMOZ. Once your website appears - we will send letter to your email address with link to your listing in DMOZ. It's well known that DMOZ never notifies websites owners about successful submission and owners have to check whether site in DMOZ or not month by month. By using our service you will know about adding your website in DMOZ right away.

Why DMOZ is so important?

1. Your website will appear in many search engines and search portals that use DMOZ data base: Google, AOL Search, Netscape Search, AltaVista, HotBot, Alexa, Lycos etc. Also hundreds of directories, that also use DMOZ content, will distribute the link to your site for free.

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2. Increase ranking in search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. For many search engines DMOZ is the undisputed authority and websites listed in DMOZ have an advantage in the rankings of search engines.

3. Enhancing the reputation of the site and increase the authority for the visitors. DMOZ accepts only quality websites, in fact, not all quality websites are lucky enough to get listing in DMOZ. So if your site was accepted in DMOZ - your site and services it provides can be trusted.

4. Increase site PR with the help of the link placed in DMOZ.

5. Slight but constant traffic directly from DMOZ.

How to increase the chances of adding to DMOZ?

DMOZ pays great attention to the unique and useful content. This is one of the main requirements of DMOZ to sites. If your site has content that is taken from other sites, the chances that your site will be accepted in DMOZ are very small. The site should look professional - have a nice design, be simple and understandable, without complicated flash animations which interferes with the content. Sites that are under construction, don't look correct in browser, periodically do not work or are very slow to load due to poor hosting will also won't be approved by DMOZ editors. DMOZ won't accept sites advocating violence, ethnic hatred, fraud, sale of narcotics as well as various websites designed to instant earnings. It is worth to remember that the decision to add or not to add the site to DMOZ is made by real people - categories editors. So if your site is added to DMOZ do not violate the rules just described because at any time, editors can double-check your site's compliance with the requirements and remove it from DMOZ.

Why guaranteed DMOZ listing is a fake?

Is is possible to get guaranteed listing in DMOZ? Definitely - no. DMOZ is a free global directory with human moderation of sites and there are no any guarantees. Even if your site meets all DMOZ requirements - there is no guarantee that it gets there. If someone promises you a guaranteed DMOZ listing - it's either fake or light-fingered editor. So if you are interested in a safe DMOZ listing, we recommend you to use our service, but before it make sure your website meets DMOZ requirements.

Also it will be useful for you to check FAQ on submission your site to DMOZ.


Websites have to be only in English. And doesn't include adult content, materials that threaten, harass or bully other users, promotion of hatred toward groups of people based on their race or ethnic origin, religion etc., content or services that facilitate online gambling, as well as transmit viruses and other dangerous products, etc.

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Submission website to DMOZ is very easy. You need to indicate your name, website URL and email. After sending a request for submission your website to DMOZ you will get a notification to your email. To the same email adress you will get notification once your website will be added to DMOZ.

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