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About is one of the largest sources of directories of various niches and purposes. The most popular free directories, paid directories with high SEO parameters, the most visited articles directories, niche directories - leaders in thier segment, and much more - all this you can find on pages of Website consist of five main sections: Free DIrectories, Paid Directories, Blog Directories and Directory of Directories, which contains more specific categories of directories. We regularly check our lists of directories to allow our visitors be sure in the quality of directories provided by us. In addition to web directories lists for manual submission offers to users two services: Submission Service to Free Directories with High PR and Submission Service for Paid Directories with Deep Links. is constantly looking for qualitative web directories: free directories, article directories, paid directories, blog directories, bidding directories, forum directories and other. We welcome on our website popular directories and directories with high SEO parameters. For such great web directories placement on is always free. If you're the owner of such qualitive directory - you can submit it to our TOP directories lists.

Advantages of listings from

1. Placing in one of the largest and most popular sites dedicated to various web directories.

2. Having a separate page for each directory.

3. Minimum nesting of categories (only one) provides an excellent indexing of all categories and the maximum possible transfer       of PR for listings.

4. The availability of 3 deep links for Regular and 5 deep links for Featured listings.

5. Placing of only 10 listings per page.

6. Presence of the voting system and ratings.

7. Permanent placement for Regular listings.

8. Direct links from the home page of for the latest Featured listings.

9. Availability of detailed Site Map speed up indexing by search engines for just submitted listings.

10. RSS feeds for all categories of directories and for each one separately.

History of

We had come up with idea to create quality web directories list in early 2006. We needed a list of relevant free directories for SEO promotion of various websites. Unfortunately almost all lists of web directories existed in the Internet at that time were either unreliable or inconvenient for frequent use. That's why we developed our first free directories list - it was a list in ordinary Excel's document. But in order to permanently keep this list actual we had to edit it too often. To do this it was better to make our list available online. So in 2008 the first version of appeared and it was containing the following sections: Free Directories List, Paid Directories List and section placed on the home page - Top 10 Web Directories. After a year we added Article Directories List, after next half a year - Blog Directories List.

Initially the creation of section Top 10 Web Directories wasn't planned, but eventually we realized that users want to see such a list and we have to select the list of the best of the best directories. But to select Top 10 web directories from a variety of really great directories that we had wasn't very easy task. We tried to be as objective and unbiased as we can while selecting of these directories. Then we got a lot of requests from owners of directories for placing them in the Top 10. There were only 2 directories among them which were really qualitive and were included to the list of the best directories. Later we realized that it's wrong to compare free, paid, general and niches directories in one list and in the next version of we've selected already three lists of TOP directories: TOP 10 Free Directories, TOP 10 Paid Directories and TOP 10 Article Directories.

Now is the most comprehensive as ever. Several TOP lists containing only the best SEO directories with high SEO parameters, a large set of directories lists relating to the four main groups: General Directories, Niche Directories, Regional Directories, Special Directories and two our own submission services to the web directories: to popular free directories and to paid directories with high PR.